Vaso Surge

Vaso Surge

Vaso Surge is a special nitric oxcide enhancer delievering 900 MG of Vaso6 per serving, While delievering skin splitting vascularity/vaso relaxion with advanced nutritent delierving system, improving oxygen intake.

*nutrient delivery to muscle tissue

*inceased mucle and bone mass

*enhance energy,stamina, endurance and cardiovascualr system

*accelerated recovery and muscle growth

*boosts power and performance

*sustained muscle fullness and bloodfilled pumps

*pde5 inhibitor,bloodflow to extremedies


Vaso6 ( 900mg )

vaso6 is a gallate-enhanced oligomer derived from green tea containing specific catchens promoting endothil relaxation and vasodilation while expanding blood vessels.


the compounds in vaso6 induce the enzyme responsible for producing nitrix oxide this is called eNos which is nessary for blood vessels to dialate, without this N.O. cannot be enhanced. this premium ingredient increases nitrox oxide /vasorelaxation in the body to maximize perfromance



The benefits that vaso6 shows through studies,science and testing are phenomenal.


The benefits of enhancing your nitrix oxide production, results in greater blood flow, increased nutrient deivery to muscle heart and cells & better recovery and growth .


Vaso Surge contains 900mg of vaso6 per serving ........




Black ginger (500mg )

this ingredient contains a big amount of pde5 inhibitors which act similar to viagra having the ability to enhance sexual performance by increasing boodflow to extremedies.. black ginger sends bloodflow to the body via the same mechanism as other known pde5 inhibitors .

-black ginger has many other benefitsas  well, it improves energy output,inflamation and nitrix oxide production, reduces lactic acid and increases the cells glucose uptake


Rich in polymethoxyflavones powerful antioxidant



vaso surge contains 500mg of black ginger per serving



pomegranate (500mg)

pomegranate is a fruit linked to many health benefits while improving nitrix oxide levels, circulation, bloodflow and oxygen to working muscle .. it may improve sexual function,

improved performance and endurance due to active bioflavnoids


improved exercise performance and endurance while decreasing fatigue to perform longer


contains powerful antioxidents and anti inflamation properties.

contains polyphenols which protect our cardiovascular system,improve muscle recovery and stength




epimedium (500mg)

horney goat weed is used in chinese medicine for erectile function and bloodflow

it conains icriin a pde5 inhibitor using the same mechanism as viagra to deliver blood to extremedies

epimedium increases nitrix oxide, libido & testestrone.

promotes bone health, improves sexual performance and blood circulation in the body,

smooth muscle relaxation increasing blood flow to working muscles


grapeseed exract (300mg)powerful antioxident helping lower bloodpressure and

has great cardiovascular benefits of the heart and entire body

grapeseed is known for there anti-inflamatory properties too


improves circulation and heart health

helps maintain bloodglucose

supports endothil function for healthy bloodflow and vasodilation



pinebark (175mg)

pinebark triggers nitrix oxide in the body which improves bloodflow and vasodilation

powerful a tioxident and anti-inflamatory

helps control blood glucose and cardiovascular protection


contains polyphenols and catechins that relax the endothilcells causing vasodilation


vanadyl sulfate (25mg)


helps act like a insulin mimic sending nutrients ,bloodflow and oxygen to the muscles

helps stimulate protein and gylcogen synthesis

higher glycogen levels in the muscles can lead to increased energy,bloodflow and output.

musclefullness and vascularity

helps regulate bloodglucose