A Bit About Joe, Our Founder


At Fortini Labz, we’re committed to offering quality products, unparalleled service and the most competitive prices in town. Great service begins with great people and industry experience, which is why our staff is made up of the best and most qualified in the business. 


Quick back story behind why I've started this business. I've been intrigued by the idea of fitness since I was thirteen years from bodybuilding, Crossfit, fighting, to now running a supplement store. Our products provide an incredible pump to your workout without the immediate crash afterward. The increased blood flow and nitric oxide from our products will promote muscle growth and vascularity. These supplements amplify your workouts with extreme sustained energy focus and endurance, mind, and muscle connecting to take your workouts to the next level.


Sadly, my mother has recently been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. This has been my motivation to not only provide the best product in the market but also so I can provide the best quality of life for my mother. Which is why anyone who is going through or has gone through any sort of cancer I urge you to tell me your story. I'd not only like to hear your story but also provide you with a discount to our products. 

Also, if you're currently serving or have served in the military, police force or in the fire department, please reach out for our 15% discount for your service.